Will you be able to mine digital currency while lying at home in 2024? Uncover the secrets of cloud mining and make $5,000 a day

As the digital currency market continues to grow, more and more investors are focusing on digital currency mining. However, traditional digital currency mining methods often require investors to buy expensive equipment and pay high electricity bills, which is impractical for most investors. BluestoneMining new energy cloud mining provides a more convenient, low-cost one-click digital currency mining method.

BluestoneMining cloud computing power mining process and advantages

1. You don’t need to buy a mining machine yourself. You can directly open the website or download the APP on your mobile phone/machine to mine immediately.

2. Use your mobile phone to dynamically monitor the income and working status of your mining machine in real time.

3. Saving costs allows you to purchase more mining machines, greatly shortening the startup time and maximizing miner output.

4. Don’t worry, you only see the daily Bitcoins arriving in your account, and mention your wallet at any time

5. Not only can you mine Bitcoin, but you can also mine Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

6. The biggest advantage of cloud computing power is that it saves users the energy to manage mining machines! Anyone can participate in mining, which greatly lowers the threshold for miners to mine.

7. Bluestone Mining’s new energy base generates electricity through wind and solar energy, and the electricity cost is almost zero. Your investment in us will increase our equipment count, resulting in higher profits.

Why Choose BluestoneMining

The first method that many people think of is to directly purchase mining machines, such as the Antminer series produced by Bitmain. However, such mining machines are often expensive and require certain professional knowledge to complete the configuration. If you want to invest in Bitmain, If you want to mine coins and don’t want to manage your own mining machines, Bitmain’s only partner is BluestoneMining, which makes money by mining Bitcoin through new energy cloud mining. To put it simply, cloud mining means users mine through the computing power running in a remote data center. Users only need to operate one-click mining at home through their computer or mobile phone.

1. Electricity bill: What proportion of electricity bill accounts for revenue? Many people who buy cloud computing power have not understood it. The basic factors that affect electricity bill are power consumption and electricity cost. The power consumption of the machine is fixed, so consider the different currency prices. The cost proportion of different electricity prices:

Generally speaking, the lower the currency price, the higher the proportion of electricity charges. How to balance the price of computing power and the price of electricity? BluestoneMining uses new energy to generate electricity through green, environmentally friendly and pollution-free energy such as solar photovoltaic and wind energy systems, which comes from the recyclable system gifted by nature. , not only saves electricity greatly, but also brings high profits.

  • Many cloud computing power products on the market charge management fees of varying proportions, basically between 1-5%. For example, if a certain computing power platform charges a management fee of 5%, it will cause users to lose more contract profits. However, BluestoneMining does not charge any fees. BluestoneMining makes these fees zero through the quantity advantage of mining machines and the advantage of recyclable electricity, thereby promoting to the first brand. In May 2024, the number of users increased rapidly from 6.5 million to 7 million.

How to start cloud mining with BluestoneMining

  1. Register an encrypted exclusive account
  2. The platform will give you a gift of US$10. If you choose to purchase the $10 contract, you will earn $0.5 per day invested.
  3. Recharge US$100 to buy a US$100 contract and earn US$3.3 per day. The contract period is 2 days. After 2 days, you will receive the first principal plus interest of US$106.6. You can choose to withdraw money or continue to buy higher contracts to earn higher profits. .
  4. Buy high-yield contracts. Recommended contract for $30,000. Daily profit is $528. The contract period is 60 days. The principal plus interest due is $30,000.00 + $31,680.
  5. Convenient service 7×24 hours online customer service

In short, if you are looking for ways to increase your passive income, cloud mining is a great way to do it. If these opportunities are used correctly, they can help you grow your cryptocurrency wealth with minimal time investment, allowing you to achieve passive income. At a minimum, they should take less time than any kind of active transaction. Passive income is the objective of every investor and trader, and with BluestoneMining, you can achieve this more effectively than ever.

For more details, please visit the official website https://bluestonemining.com/